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630TCF - Intel 630TCF Motherboard for Pentium III Tualatin Processors Simple Type:...

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Intel 630TCF Motherboard for Pentium III Tualatin Processors Simple Type: CPU Board

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  • Automatic CPU Detection
  • DMA100 HD support
  • Maximum video resolution is 1920x1440 with our driver installed
  • Onboard 4x AGP video shared memory from 2MB to 64MB (selectable in CMOS)
  • Overclock option - set up CPU multiplier speed in CMOS
  • PC133 support PIII & Celeron beyond 1.4Ghz


  • BIOS: Award BIOS, support green function, plug and play function; AMBit Flach ROM
  • Chipset: SIS 630T Single-Chip Corelogic/Multimedia/Datacom chipset; Winbond 83697HF I/O for Super I/O interface; Build-in Integrated 128-bit 2D/3D graphic accelerator
  • CPU Bus Frequency: Support Jump select 66.7/100/133MHz CPU Bus frequency ; CPU Bus frequency, Choose 66/75/83/95/100/112/117/124/133/140/150MHz in BIOS setup
  • Dimensions: Micro ATX from factor with 24.5cm X 19cm
  • Expansion Slot: Three 32-bit PCI 2.2 BUS master slots; One AMR (Audio/Modem Riser) slot
  • On Board AGP V.G.A.: Support AGP2.0 including 4X AGP data transfers; Advanced HW Acceleration for DVD playback
  • On Board IDE: Support 2X IDE connectors for up to 4 IDE Drives; Support PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 and Bus master IDE DMA, Mode 4 timing for up to 16MBytes/s
  • On Board USB: 4X USB Ports connector ; Support USB keyboard & USB mouse
  • On Chip Lan Controller: IEE802.3 10/100 BASE T standards; BIOS boot-up from LAN
  • Power Supply: Support 20-pin ATX power supply (ATX-PW)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III
  • Processor: Support Socket 370 processor for Intel Pentium III Tualatin (FC-PGA2), Coppermine (FC-PGA) and Tualatin/standard CeleronTM (FC-PGA2, FC-PGA, PPGA) Processors Optimized for 133MHz Front Side BUS Frequency
  • System Memory: Support 2 banks of SDRAM from 8MByte to 1GByte ; Virtual channel memory (VCM SDRAM) support; Synchronous or asynchronous host/ SDRAM bus frequency; 2 X 168-pins DIMM sockets;



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