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SAI2 - Intel SAI2 Server Board Simple Type: CPU Board

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Intel SAI2 Server Board Simple Type: CPU Board

The Intel SAI2 server board offers a “flat” design, with the processors and memory subsystems residing on the board. The server board supports dual-processor operation with Intel Pentium III processors and the ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset. The board contains embedded devices for video, network, IDE, and provides basic monitoring hardware and interrupt control for dual-processors and PC/AT compatible operation.

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  • 133-MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) Capability
  • 64-bit, 66-MHz, 3.3-V keyed PCI segment with two expansion connectors
  • ATX board form factor
  • CNB30LE North Bridge
  • CSB5 South Bridge
  • Dual Intel Pentium III processor support
  • Dual Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
  • ECC single-bit correction, and multiple-bit detection
  • Flash BIOS support for all of the above
  • ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset
  • Support for DIMM sizes 64 MB to 1 GB. Four DIMM slots allow a maximum installed memory of 4 GB
  • Support for four 3.3-V, registered ECC SDRAM DIMMs that are compliant with the JEDEC PC133 specification
  • Support for one or two identical Intel Pentium III processors for the PGA370 socket, which utilizes the Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FC-PGA) package
  • Two 64-bit, 66-MHz, 3.3-V keyed PCI expansion slots
  • Two embedded Voltage Regulating Modules (VRM) for support of both primary and secondary processors
  • Two IDE connectors


  • Processor: Intel Pentium III



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